Trans Baviaans 24hr MTB Marathon Newsletter #1-16


It is that time of year again, it feels like yesterday that we all stood on the start line of the Trans Baviaans 2015. Entries for 2016 will be opening on the 1st December 2015 and we hope you are as excited as we are! There will be 2 events again this year and it will be the new format going forward. Trans Baviaans #1 will take place on the 13th August 2016 and Trans Baviaans #2 will take place on the 20th August 2016.

How to enter

  1. Make sure all team members are registered on the website (if you have done the race before you will already be registered)
  2. One member to login and submit the team entry.
  3. You will need to choose your date
  4. You will need each rider’s login email address.
  5. You will need each rider’s valid CSA membership number.
  6. You will need each rider’s T-Shirt size
  7. Only one entry per team will be accepted.
  8. Note: Registering on the website does not mean you have entered the race.

This going to be quick so make sure you have those keyboard fingers ready!


We have quite a few new and exciting things brewing for 2016, some of which we can already announce:

Welcome Capestorm
We are very pleased to welcome Capestorm to the Trans Baviaans as the Official Apparel Partner of the race. It just made sense for these two iconic South African Brands to join forces, true to Capestorm’s motto the Trans Baviaans will be one of the toughest adventures you will embark on… ARE YOU IN?

Powerbar has upped their game and now, as the Official Supplement Sponsor of the race, they will make sure you have optimum performance products available at all the checkpoints on both events!

Trans Talk
As another first for 2016 we will be coming to a city centre close to you all over the country to launch the “Trans Talk” info sessions, where we will be hosting an evening in a Sportmans Warehouse close to you to chat about what you got yourselves into! We will run info sessions, tips and gear recommendations at these evenings to make sure you are more informed and ready to go for the Trans Baviaans 2016. These will take place from January to March and will be announced on social media, the website and this newsletter.

For now that is what we can share with you but be sure to know 2016 will hold a whole lot of excitement for the Trans Baviaans 24hr MTB Marathon and Ecobound Events.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Happy pedalling

Wikus van der Walt

Some of the Cape Storm products that will be for sale with your entry this year!

Specials with your entry this year:

  1. XP1 Cycle Light normally R995 now R850. The XP1 has a focused beam that gives you maximum distance. It offers exceptional value for money.
  2. XP3 Endurance Cycle Light normally R1850 now R1595. The XP3 has a much wider beam which allows you to see more through the corners when you are heading down the pass towards Bergplaas.

Momsen bikes has recently launched there whole new range for 2016. We have taken them all over our recce rides so far and they are truly remarkable bikes forged in the untamed! Go check them out!

Powerbar’s products will be available at all the Checkpoints this year! Make sure you familiarise yourselves with there products and check out there nutrition plan for the Trans Baviaans on there website! #You’reStrongerThanYouThink

Newsletter #2-16



The first month of the year has gone we can’t believe how quickly it went. We would just like to thank you very much for the great support shown by all of you upon entering the Trans Baviaans 2016.

Training Program
For those of you still recovering from the festive season activities and trying to get your training schedule going for the Trans Baviaans, check out our training program on the website which starts right now!! This will get you ready for the challenge in the time remaining.

Participants in the Trans Baviaans
The riders list of entrants for both the Trans Baviaans events are available on the website. If you have entered and your name does not appear there, don’t fret, it only means that your entry is not complete yet. Send us a e-mail to and we will sort it out for you. All entrants will receive a detailed confirmation e-mail in March with your race number and more information.

cfc7850e-d987-4dac-9b8c-8734693ecfd6First Choice® On Board
First Choice® partnered with Trans Baviaans 2016, the biggest MTB race in the Eastern Cape. You can look forward to some excellent products at all our checkpoints, ranging from desserts to High Protein Recovery drinks. All milk is sourced from pasture fed cows in the beautiful Eastern Cape and locally produced by Woodlands Dairy. We hope you are as excited as we are to taste those flavoured milk drinks when you need it most at 1am in the morning out there en-route in the Baviaans Kloof.


Trans Talk Road Show
This year we will embark on a new venture as part of the preparations for the Trans Baviaans, the Trans Talk Road Show. We will be visiting the main centers, with Johannesburg being the first in March, to provide you with an informative presentation and an opportunity to raise your questions and discuss the event in general. These talks will be at the Sportsmanswarehouse outlets. More information on the schedule and how to attend will be made available shortly through social media and on the website.

Trans Baviaans Merchandise
For those of you who were way too eager to enter and missed the merchandise order in the process, there will be opportunity to order yours. The merchandise order form will be available soon on our new and updated website.

Enjoy your preparations.

Wikus van der Walt


PowerBar® is offering an awesome 10% discount on their online shop for Trans Baviaans participants! Use voucher code: TransPB2016 Don’t miss out on this opportunity get your order in today!