Trans Baviaans – Covid-19 Update June 2021

Dear Rider,


It feels like we have hit rewind and we are exactly at the same place we were a year ago. However unfair or unfortunate this may seem, it is simply the reality that we are facing.


We have realized that we made the call too early last year and, in hindsight we could have presented the Trans Baviaans in August 2020.

Based on those directives from last year, we are planning to wait for the current 2-week Level 4 restrictions to pass, before we make any decisions.

Our first and utmost priority is to present the event as it should be in August.


If the conditions are not favorable for the event to take place in August, we will postpone the event to September or October 2021.

We will make the exact date available as soon as we have made the final call. We understand and respect the fact that everyone needs to plan their lives, accommodation, and travel plans, and we therefore will not linger on the decision making.

We will make an announcement after the 11’th of July, when the 2-week imposed Level 4 has passed, and the President addresses the nation again.

We have a whole event to organize and plan and assure you that we are just as eager as you are to get moving on this.


The curfew remains a big question on everyone’s minds. First, we need to understand that we are talking about 20% of our riders that for whatever reason might not make the cut offs. For them, we will make a plan with a curfew sleep out.

We will move CP5 from the “Pakhuis” to the Komodomo Campsite where people will be able to camp and sleep the curfew out, then continue with their race from that point to the finish.

That said, our priority remains to get a curfew permit grant to host our event in its traditional 24hr concept.

Currently we are still planning to have a 5am free flow start system from Willowmore, giving everyone ample time to finish in Jbay before curfew.

We are constantly talking to the authorities, role players and our sponsors to monitor the situation.


Please know that we want the Trans to take place as much as you do, and we are doing everything in our power to make this happen.


Kind Regards,

Team EcoBound

Hannele Steyn smiling her way to the summit of the Mother of All Climbs, a feat that not many riders manage. Photo by Jacques Marais.